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P. Zavalny: "The “Neftegas” exhibition opens up new business opportunities for the participants"

P. Zavalny: "The “Neftegas” exhibition opens up new business opportunities for the participants"

Moscow, March 28 - IA Neftegaz.RU. Discussion of the results and trends of the oil and gas industry, Industry 4.0 issues, as well as the importance of the Neftegaz exhibition in an interview with the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy, President of the Russian Gas Society P. Zavalny.

- Pavel Nikolaevich, what results and trends in the development of the oil and gas industry could you mention?
- The main result and trend is sustainable development of the fuel and energy complex of the Russian Federation. This is reflected in the positive dynamics of the growth of the resource base for hydrocarbons, in the increase in the volume of gas and oil production, their export, and the generation of electricity. In 2018, the oil industry produced 556 million tons of oil, which is 10 million tons more than in 2017. 54 fields were commissioned. The gas industry also set a record for production - 725 billion m3, which is 5% more than last year. The historical record of gas supplies to foreign countries has been established - 201.7 billion m3. In connection with the commissioning of new Yamal LNG capacity, the volume of LNG exports increased by 70% to nearly 26 billion m3.

The record was also set for power generation - an increase of 1.6% to 1091 billion kWh, which indicates an increase in demand and the emergence of new consumers. About 433 million tons of coal were mined. This was achieved thanks to the coordinated work of the energy companies and state support measures. Accordingly, this year and in the future will move in a given direction.

In the gas industry, work will continue on major infrastructure projects. A significant event for the oil industry will be the entry into force of the law on NDD. This is a new motivating tax system for oil production, which will give a great prospect of its use in the interests of the entire industry. Oil and gas companies are waiting for a completely different model of development and stimulation of oil production. With regard to the prospects for the development of the global energy market, in 2018 confirmed the trends that have clearly emerged in the last 2 years. The forecast of the International Energy Agency until 2040 promises an increase in annual gas consumption in the world to almost 5.4 trillion m3.

Gas trade will grow by 1240 to 1,289 billion m3 / year, the IEA predicts, more than a quarter of all world supplies will be provided by Russia. On the priority market for Russian gas, the European one, where due to the fall in domestic production, the share of imported gas in the EU gas market will grow to 86% by 2025, Russia will retain its position as one of the most competitive and therefore the largest gas suppliers. As for the LNG market, this is also where the IEA highly appreciates the prospects for Russia, which, according to the agency, will increase LNG exports by 60 billion m3.

At the same time, experts confirm such trends as the growth of energy efficiency, increased competition of energy producers, accelerated development of renewable energy sources, volatility and moderate prices for hydrocarbons.

Accordingly, the tasks for companies, including Russian ones, remain to reduce costs, increase efficiency, produce high value-added products, introduce new technologies and conquer new niches for their energy resources.

- Today they talk a lot about the transition to Industry 4.0. What do you think about it?
- The 4th Industrial Revolution is really gaining momentum in the world. It is not just about automation and robotization of production processes, the development of the “Internet of things” and digital technologies, but about a fundamental transformation of traditional and infrastructure industries. At the same time, in my opinion, in our country a large-scale transition to Industry 4.0 is not yet happening, rather, a certain pre-revolutionary situation has developed.

We in the economy and energy have some features and qualities of Industry 4.0. At the same time, the processes of the previous industrial revolution 3.0 are not completed - for example, in terms of increasing the productivity and efficiency of production processes, as well as replacing the centralized model of the industry with distributed structures.

In the ranking of the World Economic Forum, Russia ranks 41st in terms of readiness for the digital economy and 38th in terms of the economic and innovative results of using digital technologies.

Taking a higher position in the global digital market is hampered by a low level of innovation, insufficiently developed public and private institutions and the financial market. And, nevertheless, digitalization has already penetrated deeply into all branches of the fuel and energy complex.

Leaders here can be considered the nuclear industry and electric power industry. In the oil industry, digital solutions spread more slowly. At the same time, against the background of the deterioration of the structure of reserves and the reduction in the number of large discoveries, the maintenance of production levels and an increase in productivity is associated precisely with the introduction of information technologies, intellectual management, analysis and accounting.

According to experts, only they will ensure a reduction in production costs and accidents, improve the efficiency of exploration, investment in mining projects, including the development of hard-to-recover resources and increased oil recovery.

Smart wells and digital places technologies. So we must pay attention to the support of accelerated digitalization of the fuel and energy complex. It should be understood that without it, sustainable and dynamic development of the Russian economy as a whole and infrastructure sectors in particular is impossible. The task of accelerating digitalization was set by the President of the Russian Federation and fixed in the state program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation” dated July 28, 2017 No. 1632-p.

- The “Neftegaz-2019” exhibition is a traditional dialogue platform for the oil and gas community. What, in your opinion, is its significance for the industry?
- The value of any exhibition event depends on its quality. It is clear that people participate in a forum, exhibition or conference not only for the official agenda, but for talking on the sidelines, exchanging information, and treaties on future joint work.

In this - as contacts, communication, information obtained, agreements, decisions - and there are 80% of success of any forum. Today there are probably too many congress and exhibition events in the fuel and energy sector and, in my opinion, there should be a decrease in their number. At the same time, the status of forums, exhibitions and conferences that will give real returns will be higher and higher.

Especially those events that take place under the patronage of the Ministry of Energy, other departments, the State Duma or serious corporations, where a high level of representation is ensured, the quality of materials preparation, the elaboration of topics of discussed issues, final decisions. Neftegaz is undoubtedly one of such events.

The exhibition over the years provides an opportunity to demonstrate the latest achievements of oil and gas companies, oilfield services companies, our science and industry in the field of import substitution and the development of new technologies.

It opens up new business opportunities for participants, improves the quality of business contacts, which undoubtedly contributes to the development of the gas industry and related industries. And this is very important.