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Geologists are seeking for oil in the earth?s crust foundation

The world?s science is on its way to the sensational discovery. In spite of disputable opinion that oil is of exclusively organic origin (i.e. is generated out of terrestrial vegetation) there is an idea about its crystalline nature. A number of scientists consider that hydrocarbons are originated in the earth?s crust foundations and which then rise to surface layers. For an average man it means that the earth?s interior could be almost inexhaustible. Such a hypothesis shall be a matter of discussion at an international conference which will be held over 6-8 of September in the exhibition complex ?Kazanskaya Yarmarka?.

Geologists are seeking for oil in the earth?s crust foundation

Scientific forum will be held in the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan within the framework of XIII international exhibition ?Oil, gas. Petrochemistry - 2006?. More than 250 scientists and practical men from Russia, Ukraine, USA, Sweden and other countries are going to take part in it. More than 100 reports in accordance with the main subject of the conference (?Hydrocarbon potential of young and ancient platforms foundation?) shall be made. During scientific debates it is planned to discuss such questions as heterogeneity of the earth?s crust and methods of its study and also research and exploitation of oil and gas fields.
Chief of the department of hydrocarbon raw materials geology of Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Tatarstan Victor Ananyev says that all the oil fields being exploited are located in the layer which is higher crystalline foundation. These resources despite the fact of their abundance are exhaustible, therefore in order to provide next generations with energy resources it is necessary ?to perfect? geological exploration, paying special attention to more profound layers of the earth?s crust i.e. crystalline foundation of platforms - ?large fields in shelf zone of Vietnam and also the range of oil-bearing basins on the territory of Ukraine? proves its oil-bearing capacity, notes Victor Ananyev.
Within the framework of the conference there will be a few sections. Thus, scientific and research institute of oilfield chemistry under support of Kazan State Technological University in accordance with its specialization will hold educational seminar. The seminar participants shall be given the certificate of state standard on short-term advanced training within the framework of the program ?Oilfield chemistry? KSTU.
In one of the largest in the country exhibition complexes it is considered that scientific forum shall be of a great interest to all the participants of the exposition ?Oil, gas. Petrochemistry - 2006?. As General director deputy Rafail Bikmetov says, more than 200 enterprises and scientific and project organizations all over the world ? USA, Asia, Africa and almost all European countries will present their the stands and exhibits. Moreover, this exhibition held in the capital of oil-extracting republic is evaluated by specialist as remarkably effective. According to questionnaire held by organizers, more than 80 percents of participants think that they have achieved their main aims at the exhibition and three-quarter of them are willing to come to the exhibition again. Besides, one of the novelties of the present exhibition shall be the conference ?Industrial ecology and safety? and exposition of same name where 60 companies will take part.
To marketing specialists? opinion, the exhibition center is the ideal place for face-to-face meeting of small-, medium and large-size companies. As it is proved by practice, the short period of exhibition working hours stimulates the rapid making of decisions. Consequently, the problems that generally are solved during months and years when the partners are from different regions, at the exhibition are discussed during several hours of negotiations. Even if the contracts are not made, the industrialists do not lose because by participating in the exhibition they promote their goods, strengthen their image, and find new ideas and technological solutions for the further development of their activity.

Author: Bulat Srurov

Source : Neftegaz.RU