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Guaranteed preservation of LNG: TGE Gas Engineering technologies

Guaranteed preservation of LNG: TGE Gas Engineering technologies

Saint-Petersburg, 5 Aug - Neftegaz.RU. The gas chemical industry mostly depends on the time-consuming and technologically advanced process of LNG storage, since this product requires special storage conditions to preserve the quality of the gas, as well as to ensure process safety at the plant.

TGE Gas Engineering, which has been working in the field of the design and construction of LNG storages for almost 40 years, can tell all and even a little more about this hard work.

Design, procurement, installation and management of storage projects, transshipment and processing of cryogenic gases - this all is within the company competence. During the implementation of LNG projects, many questions and problems arise at the design stage. The main one is what type of storage is preferable for operation of an industrial facility to be as efficient as possible.
There are many types of LNG storages of various capacities and forms, which are determined not by the Client’s whim, but by the need to consider specific important conditions such as the danger when working with LNG, increased fire and explosion hazard and toxicity.


First of all, LNG storage facilities are divided into 2 types - underground and onshore location.
In addition, the tanks have a horizontal and vertical arrangement, which directly affects their shape and characteristics - for example, horizontal tanks resemble a bullet and are designed to store liquefied gases under high and medium pressure, while vertical tanks have low pressure.
Different characteristics of different LNG storages affect the characteristics of the liquefied natural gas itself, allowing to store the product in the necessary conditions.

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Classic spherical LNG storages, in comparison with their underground counterparts are preferable due to the simplicity of construction. The obvious advantage is the huge maximum allowable capacity - from 3 thousand m³ to 160 thousand m³.
TGE Gas Engineering has designed and successfully executed dozens of LNG storage facilities worldwide.

So, in 2003, the company completed the construction of a large facility located in Portugal - a transshipment base with a capacity of 5.2 million tons per year with permissible product volume of up to 120 thousand m³.
Later, in 2012, the company expended the facility, having increased the maximum capacity to 7.8 million tons per year (storage up to 150 thousand m³ of liquefied natural gas).

The object perfectly fits the technological requirements of the Client and successfully operates up to now.
By the way, in the same year, TGE Gas Engineering designed and built 3 more LNG storage facilities in China, each of them can store up to 160 thousand m³ of end product.


It is necessary to note that underground storage facilities are designed primarily to protect products from a possible aggressive environment and various unforeseen situations. TGE Gas Engineering began to design these underground LNG storage tanks in 1988, then a complex of 6 storages with a capacity of 400 m³, located in Germany became one of the company's projects.
Another example of the high-quality work of TGE Gas Engineering specialists is an execution of design and construction of the Belgian underground storage tanks for butadiene and propylene, which is also a terminal for imports for AGT - the total capacity of the facility reaches 18,000 m³ of LPG.

In addition to the design and construction of terminals and LNG storage tanks, TGE Gas Engineering specializes in the design, procurement, installation and management of projects for the storage, transshipment and processing of cryogenic gases for the energy, oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical industries.

The company's excellent reputation enables to implement leading LNG projects worldwide.
TGE has not only is an experienced team able to cope with any assigned task of building and organizing of such complex technological objects, but also possesses the necessary technologies and solutions to carry out turnkey projects.
The company has offices literally around the world, which means convenience and accessibility of communication with Clients and prompt response of specialists.

The company’s highly professional approach to each project guarantees the quality and safety of LNG in storage facilities built and designed by TGE Gas Engineering.